Social Media Tips for Sr. Executives #1

A few weeks ago I shared a blog about Social Media for the C-Suite.  Based upon the great response to the blog and some of the direct feedback I received, I have decided to start sharing tips designed for senior level executives; specifically those that may have been cynical like I was about the value of Social Media.  I aspire to provide one or two tidbits of knowledge each week that can be applied to make the experience on Twitter and other Social Media sites more valuable for high level leaders.

Many of these tips will be driven from personal experience. Hopefully this shortens the learning curve for senior level managers looking to maximize the Social Media Experience.

Tip #1: Listen – This is a fundamental that probably helped you reach the level you are at in business today.  Many C – Level executives are used to being listened to and immediately respected.  Places like Twitter are have hundreds of millions of users, many of whom have figured out how to use the medium very successfully.  By listening, especially to those who have become most successful in the Social Media space, you can quickly learn how to use it as a conduit for networking and brand development.

A specific recommendation I have for listening is to search for counterparts, competitors, and supply chain partners and watch/listen to how they are using Social Media.

Tip #2: Share – Please note that Sharing is not “Broadcasting.”  I strongly discourage broadcasting in Social Media unless you have a tremendous audience of highly engaged followers whom are hanging on your every word.  When I suggest sharing, I am talking about industry best practices, relevant articles, blogs you have written, or other content that helps others interested in your business type/industry.  If people find the content that you provide to be meaningful and interesting, you will quickly grow your following.

One way to share to your target audience is to create content.  My recommendation is writing a blog or creating video blogs that establish you as a thought leader in your respective industry.

More tips to follow next week.  In the meantime, good luck increasing the value of your Social Media Experience.



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7 Responses to Social Media Tips for Sr. Executives #1

  1. Lisa Pool says:

    Like the real estate model “location, location, location,” social media is all about listening and responding appropriately in a timely manner. Some tweets are forgotten within an hour. Something to remember when looking to engage in conversation.

  2. Enrique says:

    I seriously knew about virtually all of this, but never the less, I still believed it was practical. Nice work!

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  4. Gilberte says:

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  5. Denise says:

    Excellent tips, simple and easy!

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