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The Founders Trap

The other day, I asked a friend why they buy all of their cars from the same dealership.  The response? “We know the Owner and he takes care of us.” Interesting. Reflecting on their answer, I weighed what might be … Continue reading

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The Leadership Minute #3

Welcome to week 3 of 4 for the leadership minute’s discussion on the 4 key intangibles of great leadership. Over the first two weeks we covered Humility and Honesty.  Both critical to understanding and more importantly succeeding in leadership. Profoundly … Continue reading

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You Can’t Teach Give a Sh*t

  Amidst a firestorm, a friend and colleague of mine by the name of Erik Sover said to me, “You can’t teach give a shi*. What a funny quip, I remember thinking to myself.  Then wondering if this bold statement … Continue reading

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The Total Customer Experience

This article is a jointly written by Myself and Tobey Deys. The article is in follow up to “I Can’t Stand I Can’t” by me and “Do You Give Good Customer” by @Tobeydeys. Customer Service is not a vague concept … Continue reading

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The Leadership Minute #2

Hi everyone and welcome back to the second installment of the leadership minute.  A quick and hopefully thought provoking weekly share on the topic of leadership.  The first four weeks we are hitting on what I call the 4 intangibles … Continue reading

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Social Media Tips for Sr. Executives #1

A few weeks ago I shared a blog about Social Media for the C-Suite.  Based upon the great response to the blog and some of the direct feedback I received, I have decided to start sharing tips designed for senior … Continue reading

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The Leadership Minute #1

Starting this week, I am going to be posting a weekly short called “The Leadership Minute.” Each week I will briefly provide what I hope to be thought provoking content and commentary that spans the subject of leadership. Each week … Continue reading

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Social Media for the C Suite – Are you a CE -> GO or CE ->NO ?

Twitter Sucked – Or so I thought… The first few days I went on Twitter I was hardly impressed,  In fact, I thought it just plain stunk.  I signed up, followed a few stars and people that I knew, and … Continue reading

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5 Leadership Lessons You Can Only Get From Experience

There’s an age old debate about whether or not leaders can be made, or if you have to be born that way.  Nevertheless, every year, countless professionals of all experience levels and all walks of life decide to invest in themselves … Continue reading

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