The Inexcusable Absence – Blog 1.0

Better Later to the Party than to Miss it Altogether

So here I am,  late to the blogging party.  Should probably be doing video blogs (vlogs) at this point. (soon enough) Being that I’m a self proclaimed leadership guru, a success hound, and a future astronaut. (Try to figure out which  is not true). It begs the question “Where have I been?”

First, let me assure you of this, I haven’t been under a rock, or hiding in a cave, or any other metaphor for missing the proverbial dance, but it does sort of feel like I was.  It reminds me of the other day at the Chicago Cubs game when the guy sitting next to me kindly reminded the umpire “Hey Blue, great game you’re missing today.”  The fact is, it’s just downright inexcusable that I haven’t been blogging and sharing with the world.  How selfish that I keep all of this “Insert Remark Here” to myself.

Having said that, I figured it would probably make sense to start off with an introduction. So…who in the world am I and what should you expect to see from me?

I was Born in 1981 (Not a typo) and raised in the great State of Illinois, I grew up in a sleepy “Yuppyish” town by the name of Naperville.  I was an avid athlete that played baseball and soccer, and I was also classically trained on the piano.  Traditional family, Mom and Dad, (Still Married) Sister, and a couple of Dogs…

After graduating from Naperville North in 1999 I went on to Truman State University where I played soccer, joined a fraternity, and studied (In that order).  It was there where I met my beautiful bride to be Lisa.  She was older than me, and smarter, and somehow I ended up graduating from Northern Illinois University.  We will save that story for a later blog.

Today I am still married to my beautiful wife Lisa, we have two beautiful daughters, (Hailey 9, Avery 5) and a cat. I am currently the CEO of United Visual who is the parent company of United Visual Systems, United GlobalComm and United Visual Productions.  I also teach at North Central College, I sit on various not for profit boards and committees, and I passionately enjoy debating anything provocative.

This blog is going to be a fun place to visit where reading, learning, sharing, and engaging coexist. We are going to be talking about Leadership, Success, Adversity, and a plethora of other great topics.  Some of which I do not even know yet.

I’ll leave it here for now, but please step inside and sit down.  If you want coffee or a tea, go ahead and grab one.  We’ll see you real soon.


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